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The Jackie Robinson Museum (JRM) is pleased to announce its partnership with KultureCity® and designation as a Sensory Inclusive TM venue. KultureCity is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting inclusivity and accessibility for individuals with sensory needs. Sensory sensitivities or challenges with sensory regulation are often experienced by individuals with autism, dementia, PTSD and other similar conditions. One of the major barriers for these individuals is sensitivity to overstimulation and noise, which sometimes is part of the environment in a venue such as a museum. With its new certification, JRM is now better prepared to assist with individuals sensory sensitivities and ensuring all visitors, no matter age or ability, have a positive experience.

“Our partnership with KultureCity is truly representative of the values and beliefs that our namesake, Jackie Robinson, exhibited during his lifetime and that continuously inspires our organization’s work,” said Della Britton, President and CEO of the Jackie Robinson Foundation and Museum. “We not only strive to educate, inspire, and challenge our visitors to be changemakers, but also ourselves. And we recognize the importance of addressing accessibility in cultural spaces like ours, breaking down barriers as Robinson once did himself.”

Since the Jackie Robinson Museum’s inception, we have actively worked towards making our Museum a more inclusive and accessible cultural institution where all visitors can have a welcoming experience. Led by the Museum’s Education Team, staff across departments have taken the initiative to learn more about accessibility, conduct research, and network with experts in the field. We were introduced to KultureCity’s work at NYC Museum Educators Roundtable’s 2023 Annual Conference in a session called “Access Initiatives.” During this session, staff from Wildlife Conservation Society’s Zoos and Aquariums shared how they have collaborated with the organization, which inspired us to get involved.

What is Sensory Inclusive Certification?

As part of the Sensory Inclusive TM certification process, all of the Museum’s public-facing staff completed KultureCity’s training to learn more about what sensory needs are, how to recognize visitors with sensory needs, and ways to appropriately support a visitor that may be experiencing sensory overload. To maintain certification and stay up-to-date on the best sensory-friendly practices, staff will be retrained annually.

In addition to professional learning for our staff, the Museum now offers Sensory bags, which are equipped with noise-canceling headphones, fidget tools, verbal cue cards, a feeling thermometer, and a special KCVIP badge. Sensory bags and a weighted lap pad are available to all of our visitors who would like to use them at no cost.

The Museum has also placed signage to inform individuals and groups where Quiet Areas and Headphone Zones are located. Headphone Zones are areas that may be louder than others, while Quiet Areas are places where a visitor can take a break if experiencing a sensory overload.

“Empowering communities through inclusion and innovation, the Jackie Robinson Museum is aligned with the same visionary spirit as KultureCity® and is championing a world where every individual, regardless of ability, is not just accepted but celebrated for their unique contributions to the tapestry of humanity!” said Uma Srivastava, Executive Director of KultureCity®.

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Learn more about the Jackie Robinson Museum’s Accessibility resources on the Visit page of our website and check out our venue profile on KultureCity’s website and app, which is available to download for iOS and Android.

About KultureCity

KultureCity®, established in 2014, is a dynamic non-profit organization at the forefront of the inclusivity movement which continues to make waves in creating a more accessible and accepting world for individuals with sensory needs and invisible disabilities (found in 1 in 4 of us). In a short 10 years, a few highlight of KultureCity’s impact includes making over 1,800 venues sensory inclusive certified, handing out almost a million sensory bags to individuals in need, making over 150 live events sensory inclusive, and saving 48 lives through the KultureCity® First Responder Training. KultureCity’s commitment to inclusivity extends beyond physical spaces. The organization actively collaborates with influential figures, businesses, and communities to promote awareness and understanding of invisible disabilities. KultureCity® partners with event industry leaders like NFL, NBA, MLB and FIFA to make their flagship events sensory inclusive. With ongoing initiatives, partnerships, and a passionate community of supporters, KultureCity® is set to leave an enduring impact on the landscape of inclusivity. Visit to learn more.

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